About us

Peerless Array is all about dressing elegant and feeling confident. It is an UK based online boutique. We mainly focus on handcrafted, handmade products from around the world. Our intention is to put the spot light on the handcraft artisans who are a lot of times undervalued and under appreciated.

Our Current focus is the South Asian Handloom Saree Weavers, Jewellery, Scarves and Hand bag makers. However, we do not want to limit ourselves within just one part of the world. Our Dream is to take it further and help handicraft artisans from around the world.

At Peerless Array we do not just promote the craftsmen but also like to satisfy our customers with a trendy look. Most of our Products are handpicked directly from the selected Artisans of Bangladesh and India to ensure the best quality. While selecting our products we always give priority to three things: price, comfort and trend.

Our journey started in 2016 with only few Bengal Handloom Sarees from a small handloom weaver based in Kolkata, India. Soon we were able to add other varieties of Saree from weavers around India and Bangladesh.

Peerless Array Takes pride in  showcasing good quality handmade Jewelries which are made by our wonderful jewellery makers based in rural parts of India. Most of our Scarves are also hand-block printed or embroidered to give a more tradition look. Our Hand Bags are mostly handmade as well.

Even though we are based in UK, we are lucky to have customers from other parts of the world.  Since we have started, we were privileged to work with some very wonderful social groups to whom we have supplied ethnic products.  We have also worked with Mass Media providing ethnic quality products.

In our short journey we have received tremendous support from different social groups and artists equally and we  would like to thank all our supporters, customers and suppliers  for their love and encouragement.

Z. Abedin
Business Operations Manager
Peerless Array

Email: peerlessarray@gmail.com

Whatsapp: 0044 7963209366